100 Club Ts and Cs

100 Club Ts and Cs

Rules for the operation of 100, 150 and 200 Clubs

Longdon Village Hall, Bear Lane, Longdon, GL20 6AZ, Worcestershire



The purpose of the above Clubs is to raise funds for Longdon Village Hall. The proceeds from the same will be paid into the Village Hall bank account and used to help run and maintain the Village Hall. The Clubs will be operated and run by the Longdon Village Hall Committee.


It is intended there will be a quarterly draw of a 100 Club in the first instance, with potential to increase to a 150 or 250 Club if there is sufficient demand.  Each draw will advertise the value of prizes to be awarded.  All tickets for a particular draw need to be sold before the draw can take place.


For the purposes of this document, examples given in the Rules are for a 100 Clubbut will be applicable with proportionate amendments as necessary for a 150 or 200 Club.  If necessary, the rules could be scaled for a 50 Club.




1. Each ticket will cost £5 per draw.  Tickets will be purchased via a dedicated ticketing function on the Longdon Village Hall website (https://lqhworcs-parish.org.uk/longdon-village-hall-100-club/).


2. Participants cannot choose their own ticket number.  The ticketing purchasing function will allocate a unique five-digit number for each ticket purchased. Each number will be solely for the purpose of the forthcoming draw and will not in any circumstances be carried over to any future draws.

3. A draw will be made approximately every three months. The date and place of the draw will be published as appropriate including on the Longdon, Queenhill & Holdfast Parish Council website (https://lqhworcs-parish.org.uk), village noticeboards and WhatsApp groups for Longdon and for Queenhill/Holdfast.

4. A list of all participants will be generated before the draw to be able to link numbers to participants and to notify winners.  A computer-based random number generator will be used to select the winning numbers.  Each ticket can only win one prize at any draw and so will be excluded from the draw after winning.

5. The draw will take place publicly, if possible, at a community accessible event such as an event in the Village Hall.  If this is not possible, it will be at a meeting of the Village Hall Committee or Parish Council.  Members of the public may attend the draw if they wish to do so and, wherever possible, a member of the public will be invited to oversee the draw process.


6. A draw will be made with a first, second, third and fourth prize for the 100 Club in the sums of £100, £75, £50 and £25.  The total of prizes will be 50% of the gross income from the operation of each draw of the Club (taking into account 7 below).

7. Each ticket sold will incur a management fee from the provider of the ticketing function (currently 32p per ticket).  Apart from the prize money and the management fee of the ticketing function, the balance of the proceeds will be allocated to the Village Hall funds.

8. If a draw cannot take place, any refunds for tickets will be reduced by the value of the management charge for the ticketing process.

9. Each Club is a private lottery and is open to any member of the public provided they are aged 16 or over.

10. Initially, ticket sales were limited to two per person for each draw, this restriction to be reviewed as necessary depending on the demand for tickets.  Upon review, this restriction was removed in March 2024 in the light of the low level of demand for tickets.

11. Ticket payments must be made at the time of purchase by bank transfer.

12. A representative of the Village Hall Committee will use reasonable endeavours to contact winners within fourteen days of the date of the draw by email using the email address given by the purchaser at the time of purchase.  Paymentof the prizes will be made by bank transfer (or by cheque in exceptional circumstances).

13. The winning numbers for each draw will be posted on the Longdon, Queenhill and Holdfast website. Records of the numbers allocated will be kept by the Village Hall Committee for a period of up to 6 years from the date of each draw and may be inspected at the request of any member of the public.

14. If a winner of a prize has not been able to be contacted within sixty days of the date of the draw (with the Village Hall Committee having made reasonable endeavours to do so) the prize will be deemed forfeit and will be allocated to Village Hall funds.

15. In the case of any dispute the decision of the Village Hall Committee is final.



March 2024